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Contributions overview of Greymass for EOSIO, thus far.

OKEx, a digital asset exchange many of you are familiar with, recently launched a block producer voting program for their clients. This initiative will allow the OKEx clients, who hold EOS within their exchange, to participate in the block producer elections on-going on EOS.


Announcing our WAX Guild Candidacy

Greymass is an organization built to facilitate the growth of distributed ledger technologies and the infrastructure that powers them. Our work includes acting as network validators, active participation in network governance, and building of infrastructure tools and services to power the network and the applications built on top of it. Our team has experience working on a number of different blockchains and distributed systems, and we have particular expertise in EOSIO software. We’re excited to bring our suite of products and services to the WAX ecosystem.

Website: Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada Candidate Name: Team Greymass ( teamgreymass ) Location of Servers: Vancouver (CA), Michigan (USA) Server Types: Greymass-owned Bare Metal


Greymass Team Update - First Half of 2019

2019 has been an exciting year for the entire EOS community. It’s hard to believe that we’re already approaching one full year since mainnet launch! We’ve been heads-down in work mode on a number of really awesome projects that we’re excited to share with you. In this post, we wanted to take some time to offer the community a major update on our recent progress.

We continue to focus primarily on two core offerings— world class block producer/network infrastructure and active participation in network governance. We believe these to be the two primary responsibilities of a block producer, so we continue to sharpen our focus to improve in these areas as much as possible.


The future of the "Greymass Wallet" - beta version available now.

Since the genesis of the EOS blockchain, Greymass has dedicated significant efforts to building upon and improving our open-source desktop wallet, eos-voter (commonly referred to as "Greymass Wallet"). Given our prior years of wallet development experience, as well as the trust from the crypto community that we have built over the years, we felt this was a way we could contribute to the ecosystem beyond our primary responsibilities as a block producer.

To date, we have had over 130,000 downloads of eos-voter, have built out support for seven different blockchains, and have connected thousands of stakeholders to various EOSIO networks. It is an effort that has been well worth the time and energy we’ve poured into this flagship product.


A simple system to support blockchain "Workers" in DPoS

Within EOSIO chains today, and even across the greater DPoS spectrum, it is common practice for the system to dedicate a portion of its economic rewards to a fund earmarked for improvements. This is typically done through either fees during on-chain actions, or directly with token inflation.

EOSIO-based chains primarily fund themselves through inflation, since fees are not required for typical network operations. This inflation comes in various forms, either being allocated slowly over time through "block rewards", in tranches through "worker proposals", or even during genesis with "strategic partners", a "development fund", or a "pre-mine".